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THE TECH SAVYS PODCAST delves into the question of how smartphone apps have become more integrated into our daily lives and explores the history of smartphone apps.

THE TECH SAVYS PODCAST relates to IST 110 because apps connect all three topics of the class: handling information, helping us communicate with other people, and implementing technologies like APIs.

THE TECH SAVYS PODCAST discusses an important topic because tens of millions of adults walk around daily with a smartphone full of apps. The history of smartphone apps is important because over the last 5 years, the number of apps on the Apple App Store has nearly quintupled! Our peers at Penn State relate to this topic because they fit the demographic of smartphone users.


Podcast 1

Meet the narration team in our first episode! In this episode, we'll share what our podcast plans to explore and explain how our topic relates to IST.

Podcast 2

In our second episode, we discuss different kinds of social media apps and how they have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Then we hear what Nittany Lions think about social media!

Podcast 2

In our third episode, we discuss lifestyle apps. We explain what lifestyle apps are, find out which are the most popular among college students, and share the impact that these apps have on their users.

Podcast 2

In our fourth and final episode, join the team where we will be discussing a case study on the creator of one of Penn State’s favorite apps, Snapchat!