Meet our team!

  • Ken Schnall is from Erie, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include learning new programming technologies, working on software and web projects, and flying FPV quadcopters. He plans on becoming a Software Engineer at one of the Big 4 companies or starting his own business. He is working on web development for the podcast.
  • Hsuan-Wei Wu is from Taiwan. His hobbies include editing videos and photography. In the future he plans on working in film post-production. He is working on audio editing for the podcast.
  • Shelby Kaplan is from Niantic, Connecticut. Her hobbies include writing, editing, dance, and fencing. In the future she plans on being a featured editor for a magazine. She is working on narration for the podcast.
  • Sarafina Valenti is from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Her hobbies include playing soccer, basketball, reading, and hanging out with friends. She is working on content aggregation for the podcast.
  • Amy Rosenzweig is from Westfield, New Jersey. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, watching movies, and playing tennis. In the future she plans on working for a public relations firm in New York City. She is the team leader and working on content synthesization for the podcast.
  • Trevor Stup is from Great Falls, Virginia. His hobbies include playing basketball, football, and ping pong. He is working on narration for the podcast.
  • Frank Seltzer is from Monroe Township, New Jersey. His hobbies include playing drums, singing, coin-collecting, and wathcing movies. In the future he plans to own his own law firm. He is working on narration for the podcast.
  • Ryan Jaeger is from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include playing on the Penn State Blue Band, jogging, and reading. In the future he plans on working as a Data Scientist. He is scheduling interviews for the podcast.